Bushfire Update

Bushfire Update


Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) would like to provide information on the bushfires that occurred in NSW last weekend. As has been reported in the media, licensed trainer Warren Jarvis lost most of his greyhounds, his home and property in the bushfires that hit the Central West last weekend.

GRNSW would like to extend its sympathy to Mr Jarvis for his loss. 

GRNSW in conjunction with the RSPCA have attended Mr Jarvis’ property today, after being unable to contact Mr Jarvis in the initial days after the bushfires. 

The objective of the property visit was to check on Mr Jarvis’ welfare and establish the extent of loss that he has suffered. 

During today’s inspection it was identified that six greyhounds survived the bushfire and two greyhounds remain unaccounted for. 

GRNSW asks that if anyone locates these missing greyhounds that they contact GRNSW on (02) 8767 0500.

GRNSW shares the view of law enforcement agencies and emergency services that in the event of a bushfire, the priority is to protect human life before animal life and properties. 

GRNSW is extremely disappointed that there has been unfounded criticism of Mr Jarvis, who lost animals and property as a result of the catastrophic event.

On the basis of the evidence from today’s inspection, neither GRNSW nor the RSPCA intend on taking any action against Mr Jarvis. 

GRNSW would strongly encourage all participants to have a bushfire evacuation plan in place. Details on how to prepare a bushfire evacuation plan can be viewed at the Rural Fire Service website - www.rfs.nsw.gov.au

Participants should also note that most greyhound tracks in NSW act as evacuation centres in the event of bushfires occurring.