Feedback Sought On Hoop Arm Lure Trial

Feedback Sought On Hoop Arm Lure Trial


Throughout January three NSW clubs have been testing a hoop arm lure during trial sessions with two clubs offering finish on lure field trials.

The Gardens has been running a hoop arm into a catching pen while testing a new gate built to accommodate this system. Meanwhile, Gosford and Richmond have provided trialling opportunities with the hoop arm as a finish on lure.

The purpose of these sessions was to identify operational considerations for the safe and efficient use of a new lure arm and the finish on lure so that they can be considered for future use.

Certain issues have been identified that must be addressed prior to continued trialling or racing. These relate to:

- Infrastructure amendments; 
- Lure driving considerations;
- Optimising safety: Approximately 290 dogs were observed by GRNSW on-track veterinarians during finish on lure trialling with two serious injuries recorded;
- Muzzles: All recorded incidents of muzzles breaking or distorting (apart from one) occurred with three-wire muzzles rather than five-wire or nylon muzzles.  
- Monitoring: video footage obtained with a lure mounted camera and an additional lateral angle provides the ability to monitor racing incidents.

These issues are currently being addressed so that the optimal standard lure system can be identified and finish on lure opportunities can be safely provided. 

Click below to view vision of the hoop arm as a finish on lure during a trial at Gosford.

Please take this opportunity to provide your feedback on your experience with the hoop arm or finish on trials provided at Richmond, Gosford and The Gardens over the last month by completing the following survey: