Greyhounds As Pets

In 2009, GRNSW established its own re-homing program - Greyhounds As Pets. The aim of Greyhounds As Pets is to:

• Provide an avenue for people to adopt former racing greyhounds; 
• Educate participants on the options for their greyhound after racing; and 
• Promote the merits of greyhounds as a pet to the wider community.

Greyhounds As Pets primarily operates from its kennels in Wyee on the Central Coast and greyhounds that go through the program have been behaviourally assessed for suitability as a pet. Greyhounds that go through Greyhounds As Pets are also:

• Vet-checked, vaccinated, microchipped, desexed, intestinally wormed, heartwormed and Lifetime Registered with Council;
• Provided with a martingale-type collar, lead, muzzle and temporary ID tag;
• Have undergone a minimum six weeks of foster care approved by the Office of Local Government to be equivalent to the six weeks in-home Greenhounds re-training program; and
• Are assessed and receive their Greenhounds muzzling exemption prior to adoption or assessed and provided with a Greenhounds collar and tag free of charge (if they pass).

In addition to re-homing greyhounds into domestic households, Greyhounds As Pets has also worked with a number of partners for greyhounds to be used as therapy dogs in retirement homes and special needs facilities.

For more on Greyhounds As Pets, including information on how to adopt a greyhound, visit the website at or phone 1800 696 377.