Joint Working Group

The Joint Working Group (JWG) provided its final report to GRNSW Chief Executive Paul Newson on February 9, 2016. The report aims to assist in providing options and recommended actions to drive reform in the NSW greyhound racing industry.

The report makes 20 recommendations concerning issues around animal welfare, integrity, racing, clubs, governance and industry sustainability. 

Click here to view the final JWG report.

GRNSW will now consider the recommendations as it continues the development of the strategic approach for the NSW greyhound racing industry, with a further round of consultation to be embarked on by senior management in the coming weeks. 

GRNSW announced the establishment of a Joint Working Group in November 2015 to assist with the development of GRNSW’s strategic approach and provide recommendations to the GRNSW Chief Executive on an implementation roadmap.

The members of the Joint Working Group were as follows:

• Patrick Hallinan (Chairman) - GRNSW
• Dr Elizabeth Arnott - GRNSW
• Wayne Billett - GRNSW
• Gary Clark - Industry
• Mark Duclos - Sky Racing
• Michael Eberand - Industry 
• Kat Ernst - Industry
• Dr Ray Ferguson - Veterinarian
• Ryan Freedman - Industry
• Doug Freeman - Tabcorp
• Dale Monteith - Racing Executive
• Scott Parker - Greyhounds Australasia
• Michael Phillips - Industry 
• Brenton Scott - Industry