GRNSW Strategic Plan 2018-2021

GRNSW Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021 for a responsible, competitive, sustainable industry

The Greyhound Racing NSW Strategic Plan 2018-2021 was publicly released on 18 October 2018. The Strategic Plan sets out the organisation’s strategy over the next three years to realise its vision for a greyhound racing industry in New South Wales that is embraced as socially responsible, world leading racing entertainment.

The Strategic Plan is built around three pillars - Responsible, Competitive, Sustainable - underpinned by 21 initiatives that have been developed to achieve the highest standards of animal welfare in racing, achieve commercial growth and ensure that the industry continues to make an important contribution to the communities it operates in.

New industry model

The Strategic Plan was developed in the context of a new industry model which sees the separation of the commercial and regulatory functions that were previously carried out by GRNSW.

The new independent regulator, the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC), is now responsible for upholding high animal welfare standards, overseeing the integrity of the industry, and monitoring and enforcing compliance.

Animal welfare remains a core priority for GRNSW and is central to its strategy for moving the industry forward.

GRNSW and GWIC will also work together across a number of industry welfare and integrity initiatives including:

  • Whole lifecycle tracking
  • Greyhound rehoming
  • Training and education
  • Participant integrity
  • Track safety

    Investment in welfare and sustainable growth

    GRNSW will be investing heavily to enhance the safety of all tracks, based on ongoing research into optimal track and race design. GRNSW will also be expanding its greyhound rehoming program, to ensure that all greyhounds have the best possible chance of having a suitable home and being kept as a companion animal at retirement.

    GRNSW will drive stronger revenue growth through a number of initiatives including broadening its broadcast and digital reach and improving the quality and sophistication of the racing offering, putting it on a stronger footing to compete with other racing and sporting codes.

    To ensure it can sufficiently fund these investments and take the industry in a new direction, GRNSW will be moving towards a more efficient operating model that takes greater advantage of functions that can be shared between GRNSW and its clubs. It will also be looking to optimise its race track portfolio to ensure future investment provides the greatest returns to the industry and the community.

    GRNSW’s goals and how they will be achieved

    The three pillars of the Strategic Plan are underpinned by 11 goals and 21 initiatives.


     Goal 1: Greyhound racing industry participants are leaders in modern greyhound husbandry and racing integrity.

         * Create industry integrity and welfare leaders with education and training.

         * Encourage research and innovation to improve welfare outcomes

     Goal 2: A safe racing environment for greyhounds that reduces injuries.

          * Set a safety standard for tracks.

          * Investigate welfare driven race design.

     Goal 3: A greyhound racing system that incentivises participants to focus on all aspects of a greyhound lifecycle.

          * Enhance grading.

          * Improve accountability and transparency in reporting

     Goal 4: Greyhounds are given the best possible opportunity to be rehomed and kept as a companion animal at retirement.

          * Expand rehoming capacity and demand


     Goal 5: A larger prize money purse that is seen as competitive for all grades of  greyhound racing.

          * Increase the amount and distribution of prize money.

          * Host Australia’s largest greyhound carnival

     Goal 6: GRNSW revenue growth and share of wagering revenue reflects the  popularity of wagering on GRNSW product.

          * Increase the proportion of wagered races.

          * Optimise racing schedule for wagering outcomes.

          * Promote syndicate greyhound ownership to expand participation and grow wagering.

          * Advocate for a fair share of wagering revenue.

          * Invest in growing club revenue.

     Goal 7: Our digital, media and information capabilities have grown diversified revenue  streams for GRNSW.

          * Broaden vision

     Goal 8: GRNSW delivers customers a digitally integrated experience that generates continued racing engagement and loyalty.

          * Increase digital capabilities and content.

          * A digital integrated experience for greyhound racing.


     Goal 9: An optimised race track portfolio.

          * Track optimisation strategy.

          * A plan for metropolitan racing.

     Goal 10: GRNSW and its registered clubs operate efficiently to support the industry.

          * Implement enhanced club governance and operating standards.

     Goal 11: Greyhound racing creates social and economic benefits in communities throughout NSW.

          * A community engagement plan to guide the activities of clubs


    Stakeholder engagement

    In delivering the Strategic Plan, GRNSW will continue to work with its stakeholders on a regular basis to understand their views, report back to them on performance progress and continue to refine its approaches.

  • You can read more in GRNSW’s Strategic Plan for 2018-2021 online here.