Greyhounds Australasia Fees

The current fee schedule for Greyhounds Australasia licences and registrations is outlined in the table below.

The relevant forms for these licences and registrations can be found on the Greyhounds Australasia website by clicking here.

All forms for Greyhounds Australasia registrations must be sent to Greyhounds Australasia.
Please note that GRNSW does not process any of the registrations listed in the table below.


Service Fee (Effective 1 July 2015)
Naming Fee  $32   
DNA Fee $175
Sire Registration $1250
Prefix/suffix (2 year registration) $200
Prefix/suffix (5 year registration) $270
Reserved Names (1 year) $45
Stud Book $80
Greyhound Passports - other countries $110
Frozen Semen  
FSI Service Registration $60
FSI Breeding Unit Registration $50
Breeding Unit Transfer Of Ownership $47
FSI Facility Registration $220 p.a
FSI Person Registration $220 p.a