Late Fees

Late fees for a range of member services transactions relating to breeding were introduced on 1 October 2013.

Late fees were introduced to encourage compliance with the mandatory paperwork requirements and to ensure that key member services transactions can continue to be processed in a timely manner for all participants in the industry.

The transactions with associated late fees all impact directly on other member services processes, which if not processed, can potentially lead to negative outcomes in the area of greyhound welfare.

The Greyhound Racing Rules outline the requirements and timeframes for the submission of paperwork for the following member services transactions: 

• Transfer of Frozen Semen Breeding Units;
• Lodgement of a Notice of Service;
• Lodgement of Whelping Notices; and
• Lodgement of Litter Registrations.

Participants who are currently breeding or planning to breed at some point in the future are encouraged to read GRNSW's Breeding Fact Sheet, which explains the breeding process in detail from start to finish.

Participants that fail to lodge the mandatory paperwork for the above Member Services transactions within the defined timeframes will be subject to the late fees outlined in the schedule below.

GRNSW will not process any Member Services transactions for participants that have outstanding late fees. Participants should also note that there is no right of enquiry or appeal in relation to the administration of late fees by GRNSW.

Participants who know that their paperwork is subject to a late fee, can attach payment to their paperwork when returning it to GRNSW for processing – such an approach will ensure the transaction continues to be processed in a timely manner.

Late Fee Schedule

Transfer of Frozen Semen Breeding Unit
Requirement: Must be transferred from Owner to the Breeder within 5 days of acquisition
Late Fees:
• Transferred between 6 – 30 days = $100
• Transferred between 30 – 60 days = $200
• Transferred outside 60 days = $500

Lodgement of a Notice of Service
Requirement: Must be lodged within 14 days of service taking place
Late Fees:
• Lodged between 15 – 45 days = $100
• Lodged between 45 – 90 days = $200
• Lodged outside 90 days = $500

Lodgement of DNA
Requirement: Must be performed prior to the registration of a bitch as a breeding female
Late Fees:
• Service received no DNA and bitch not a breeding female = $500
Late Lodgement of Whelping Notices
Requirement: Whelping notice to be lodged within 14 days of whelping
Late Fees:
• Lodged between 15 – 45 days = $100
• Lodged between 45 – 90 days = $200
• Lodged outside 90 days = $500

Late Lodgement of Litter Registration
Requirement: Litter registration to be lodged within 4 months of the litter being whelped
Late Fees:
• Lodged between 4 – 6 months = $100
• Lodged between 6 – 8 months = $200
• Lodged outside 8 months = $500