Under the GRNSW Greyhound Racing Rules, the registered owner of a greyhound is required to notify GRNSW when certain events occur.

GAR 106 clarifies that it is the responsibility of the owner to notify GRNSW within 10 working days if the greyhound has:

• Transferred ownership;
• Been retired as a pet;
• Been retired as a breeding greyhound;
• Been transferred to an adoption program;
• Been exported overseas; or
• Been surrendered to another agency.
And within 2 working days if the greyhound has:

• Been humanely euthanised; or
• Deceased.

Notification to GRNSW can be made by completing the Notification of Retirement paperwork that can be downloaded on the GWIC website.

Once a greyhound has finished its career as a racing dog, there are a number of different options that you as an owner may take. You may choose to keep the greyhound as a pet, or if the greyhound has been successful on the track, choose to use the greyhound for breeding purposes. Alternatively, there is a service offered to owners that allows retired racing greyhounds to be adopted by others who would like a greyhound as a pet.

Unfortunately, the wider community has a misinformed image of greyhounds. People believe that greyhounds are aggressive because they are required by law to wear a muzzle in public places throughout NSW. This is actually a far cry from the intelligent and affectionate animal that makes the perfect pet. There are a number of other misconceptions regarding greyhounds including the fact that they are big eaters, and regularly require exercise.

Greyhounds are in fact quite easy to feed, requiring only a small feed twice daily and a short walk once a day or every second day.

For more information on the greyhound breed and how they can make pets contact GRNSW Greyhounds As Pets on 1800 696 377 or go to the Greyhounds As Pets website at