GRNSW is introducing new registration categories for rearers and educators.

This means participants who are already a registered participant and also rear or educate (break-in) greyhounds, are required to inform GRNSW.

Am I a rearer?  
You are a rearer if you raise, socialise and commence the early education of pups for yourself, or on behalf of an owner, after they have been ear branded, microchipped and vaccinated in accordance with the Greyhound Racing Rules.

Am I a Primary Educator?  
You are a primary educator if you are a 'breaker'. A primary educator ('breaker') teaches a greyhound skills to compete in a race and familiarises it with the racetrack environment before it can move to pre-training or training.

Any registered participant who believes they should be registered as a rearer and/or educator, but has not notified GRNSW should contact Member Services as soon as possible on (02) 8767 0500.

Any rearers or educators who are not currently registered or licensed with GRNSW will be prompted to contact GRNSW directly to register themselves in the coming weeks.

This registration process does not currently incur a fee.