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  • Extra Monitoring Of Kennel Cough

    Welfare News
    Participants should be vigilant for signs of kennel cough in greyhounds in NSW, particularly kennels that have recently imported greyhounds from Victoria or been in contact with Victorian greyhounds during racing, as there have been an increase in cases in Victorian kennels in recent weeks.

    Welfare News
    With the warm Summer months upon us, and temperatures set to soar, Greyhound Racing NSW would like to alert everyone to the Race Day Hydration and Hot Weather Policy.
  • Unauthorised Export of Greyhounds

    Welfare News
    GRNSW is strongly committed to upholding animal welfare standards for Australian greyhounds within Australia and also assessing the adequacy of arrangements in international exports destinations for those greyhounds. GRNSW has, and continues, to support Greyhound Australasia’s decision to suspend issuing any greyhound passports for destinations with inadequate welfare standards, including Macau and Dubai.
  • New Industry Seminar

    Welfare News
    Training for the future seminar with Dr Ray Ferguson.
  • Lismore Racing Incident

    Welfare News
    GRNSW acknowledges the euthanasia of greyhound Binglebar Girl at Lismore on 29 May 2018. The greyhound raced in the back straight before faltering, and failed to finish the race.
  • Important Changes To GRNSW Greyhound Euthanasia Policy

    Welfare News
    From 6 February 2018, important changes to Greyhound Racing NSW’s (GRNSW) Supplement to Codes of Practice – Greyhound Euthanasia (Policy number LAP05) (Policy) came into effect. 
  • Hot Weather Policy Reminder

    Welfare News
    With the weather heating up this week, participants are reminded about the Greyhound Racing NSW Hot Weather Policy which protects the health, comfort and safety of greyhounds during hot weather.
  • Track Sand Selection

    Welfare News
    The selection of track sand is a crucial component of the industry and is a function that GRNSW takes incredibly seriously.
  • Training For The Future At Maitland

    Welfare News
    Greyhound Racing NSW's 'Training for the Future' seminars return at Maitland this Sunday with renowned dog trainer Steve Austin as the guest speaker.