Greyhound Racing New South Wales has today released its Draft Grading Policy.

This is a draft version of the policy, and the purpose of its release is so that GRNSW can consult with our participants, enabling all stakeholders to provide feedback before the policy is formally put in place.

The purpose of the new policy is to create a fair, equitable and transparent system where greyhounds with the most appropriate form secure starts and are grouped with greyhounds of similar ability, and ensure the viability of the industry by promoting the highest standard of racing possible that maximises the racing career of greyhounds in NSW.

This Policy is applicable to the grading of all race meetings - TAB and Non-TAB - conducted at NSW racetracks, and must be read in conjunction with the Rules.

In conjunction with the release of the policy, GRNSW will be staging a tour of venue, with members of the GRNSW Grading Department attending a number of track in April to explain the policy and answer questions from participants.

Submissions on the Draft Grading Policy can be emailed to: gradingsubmissions@grnsw.com.au.

All submissions close on Sunday 28th April.

You can view the Draft Grading Policy here.

A Grading Policy Fact Sheet can be found here.

Dates and venues of the Grading Policy Tour can be found here.