Greyhound Re-homing Grant Scheme Launched

Greyhound Re-homing Grant Scheme Launched

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Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) has launched the Greyhound Re-homing Grant Scheme to support the tremendous work independent re-homing organisations do to find new homes for retired greyhounds.

Under the scheme, eligible organisations have the opportunity to apply for up to $10 000 towards the cost of an item or service that directly benefits their re-homing activities. Grants will be assessed and awarded tri-annually at the end of February, June and October.

Examples of items which are potentially eligible for a grant contribution under the scheme include dog trailers, a veterinary account as well as kennel renovations and/or extensions.

The introduction of the Greyhound Re-homing Grant Scheme is in addition to the GRNSW Re-homing Contribution Scheme, which was introduced in 2015. 

Under that scheme, GRNSW contributes $350 to the veterinary costs of every re-homed greyhound that acquires Greenhounds status at any point in its life. For more on the Re-homing Contribution Scheme, click here.

Organisations wishing to apply for a grant under the Greyhound Re-homing Grant Scheme should fill out the application form and email it to by 5pm on the the following dates:

- 20 February (extended to 1 March 2016);
- 20 June; or
- 20 October.

Click here to download the application form.