GRNSW CEO UPDATE - 06/04/2020

GRNSW CEO UPDATE - 06/04/2020


With the constantly developing issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Greyhound Racing NSW believes it is crucial to keep all participants up to date on all news involving the industry.

As such, we are encouraging all participants with questions pertaining to the COVID-19 situation, to email us here at GRNSW.

Each day I will do my best to answer questions from participants and publish them across our website and social media platforms.

If you have any questions, please email them to the following address:

Any important developments will also be published in media releases across our GRNSW network as required.

Here’s what our teams at GRNSW are being asked right now, with the responding answers (and please keep in mind that this is both an unprecedented and fast-moving situation).

1. Q: Can I trial a dog outside of the zone I live in? 

A: No. We want travel to be kept to an absolute minimum. While tracks are open for trialling, we suggest you trial at your local track, or a track in your zone where you intend to race. There is no reason for you to head to a different zone to trial, as you will not be permitted to race there. Make sure you call the club and organise to book a trial, please don’t just turn up.

2. Q: I have a 4th grade dog that I'm sick of making up a field for two FFA dogs everywhere I go. This must stop and make a 4th and 5th or a 3rd and 4th. Give everyone a chance. Looking forward toseeing if you lot listen at all.

A: I have spoken to our chief grader about this matter, and he believes the dog you are speaking about is a 4th grade greyhound over the short distance at provincial level which would require three (3) unplaced runs to drop back to 5th grade. The greyhound is eligible for FFA having five (5) division wins and six (6) total wins. As to what event and grade it gets drawn in, other nominations over the distance will determine whether it is drawn in a FFA, 3/4th, 4th or 4/5th grade race, as it is eligible to be drawn in all. Could I also remind all trainers to nominate online through the OzChase portal.

3. Q: Tony since our temperatures are going to be taken at the racetrack, can we go back to the normal procedure boxing the dogs as I feel the 1 and the 5 are in the boxes too long and are at a disadvantage in most cases.

A: No. Social distancing is a key part of the protocols put in place by the Government and Health Authorities to battle COVID-19. The rules which have been put in place will not be changed. The temperature testing is adding to the strict biosecurity measures which were already in place.

4. Q: Hi, I stopped training nine years ago and was planning on training again soon. Would my trainers’ license be re-instated or would I need to reapply? If so would my kennel inspection be done as normal?

A: Yes, you can reapply for your trainer’s registration with GWIC at any time. They have made the application process simpler and easier to complete. You can now apply online at Instead of having to wait for a kennel inspection to be completed before being approved, GWIC now accepts photographs of your kennels and facilities as proof that you meet the code requirements. When all the information has been provided and photographs meet the requirements, your application can now be approved within 10 business days.

5. Q: It’s still more than a month away, and I know you originally said that there were no feature races being run, but I was wondering if next month’s Wagga Cup might still be on?

A: No, the situation remains the same. No feature races are being held in the immediate future.

6. Q: My dog races better on grass than sand. What am I supposed to do now? Can you open a grass track?

A: While your circumstance is unfortunate, your only option is to race at the tracks we have already opened and the ones in your region.

For everyone racing today at Bathurst and Maitland, good luck and please follow all procedures and protocols at the racetrack, and stay safe.

Don’t forget that anyone who may be struggling at the moment and wanting somebody to talk to, you can do something about that. If you do feel the need to talk to someone about your situation, please do not hesitate to call. You can speak with a qualified counsellor at any time by calling 1300 687 327.

Keep your questions coming, and everyone please keep yourselves and your families safe, and importantly be vigilant in these difficult times.

Tony Mestrov.