Greyhound Racing NSW will await and seek further clarity on Monday morning from the NSW Premier and the Minister Responsible for Racing, following a proposed decision to enforce further lockdowns of services throughout the State.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian issued a statement on Sunday stating the shutdown would occur in the next 48 hours, which would close all non-essential services and locations including pubs, clubs, restaurants and gyms. The Premier is taking the plan to the national cabinet on Sunday night before making an announcement on Monday morning.

GRNSW will seek guidance from the NSW and Federal Governments and medical experts, following the Premier’s announcement tomorrow, before deciding the next steps for the industry.

“We have contingency plans ready to put into place, but as we have done throughout this COVID-19 crisis, we will wait and be guided by the information given to us by the State and Federal Governments, and then seek to comply to continue if possible,” GRNSW Chief Executive Officer Tony Mestrov said.

“Our number one focus is on the health and safety of our participants and staff, and we will not jeopardise that. We also are very aware of the importance to the livelihoods of thousands of our participants and welfare of our greyhounds.

“We will continue to race for as long as the Government and health experts says we can continue to race.

“As I have said we will await to speak with the Government in the morning before making any announcement on our future.”

GRNSW can confirm that the race meetings scheduled for Monday, March 23, at Bathurst, Nowra and Grafton, will go ahead as planned based on information received to date.