GRNSW quarterly greyhound racing injury report statement

GRNSW quarterly greyhound racing injury report statement


Greyhound Racing NSW will investigate further improvements to track safety following the release of the quarterly greyhound racing injuries report, Chief Executive Officer, Tony Mestrov, said today.

Mr Mestrov said that the increase in injuries over the quarter was a concern to him and the new leadership team at GRNSW and resolving the matter is a priority.

“As an organisation in the midst of significant reform, we are determined to put the welfare of greyhounds at the forefront of everything we do,” he said.

The rate of injuries for the quarter was 29.3 injuries per 1000 starts, greater than the injury rate of 27.5 per 1000 starts for the previous quarter.

There is often an increase in injury rates in summer, with high temperatures affecting the performance of dogs.

Mr Mestrov said it had been a particularly hot, dry summer in parts of NSW, which can make it challenging for clubs to keep tracks at an optimal level.

“We will be working with the clubs on what short-term measures can be undertaken to reduce the rate of injuries while investigating longer-term solutions,” he said.

Mr Mestrov said that particular attention would be given to “catastrophic” injuries which killed a dog or where the dog was euthanased due to severe injury.

“Two tracks – Nowra and Bulli - recorded a decrease in catastrophic injuries for the quarter,” he said.

“We will be looking at these clubs to see what caused that decrease and what we can learn from this,” he said.

Mr Mestrov has recently returned from an industry listening tour that involved meeting participants and stakeholders at nine different clubs around New South Wales.

“The issue of racetracks and infrastructure did come up during the tour, and that information has been fed into our ongoing work to improve track safety.”

Mr Mestrov said all stakeholders and the public can be assured that the organisation is working tirelessly to implement the recommendations of the NSW Greyhound Reform Panel, which were accepted by the NSW Government.

“This blueprint is our mission - it will help GRNSW and the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission deliver a vibrant, safe and sustainable greyhound racing industry.”