Lismore Racing Incident

Lismore Racing Incident

Welfare News

GRNSW acknowledges the euthanasia of greyhound Binglebar Girl at Lismore on 29 May 2018. The greyhound raced in the back straight before faltering, and failed to finish the race. At the time of faltering, the greyhound was clear of other greyhounds, and GRNSW stewards did not identify any other interference. The greyhound was immediately examined by the on-track veterinarian, who determined that the greyhound had suffered a fractured offside hock. In the circumstances, the greyhound was humanely euthanised in accordance with GRNSW’s euthanasia policy.

All GRNSW racing and welfare procedures were followed, including a satisfactory veterinarian clearance of the greyhound prior to racing and a track inspection prior to the commencement of the race meeting in which the track was deemed safe and in good condition. A post-race inspection of the track determined that the area in which the greyhound faltered was deemed safe. The greyhound’s medical history is unknown to GRNSW at this time.

In the information currently available, the incident appears to have been an unavoidable catastrophic injury. However, GRNSW wishes to reinforce its commitment to minimising the number of catastrophic injuries and euthanasia.

GRNSW has no further information in relation to the incident at this time. The Stewards Report may be viewed here.