Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation Kevin Anderson on Friday announced a new chair, deputy chair and several new appointments to the Greyhound Racing NSW Board.

Hugh Armenis, who has been serving as a director on the Board since 2017, will be the new chair, while new appointment Rebekah Giles, will serve as deputy chair.

Mr Armenis and Ms Giles have replaced previous chair the Hon Morris Iemma and deputy chair Yvonne Howie, who have both stepped down.

“I’m also pleased to announce the appointment of new Directors Marissa Cooper, Helen Moore and Kevin Gordon, and the reappointment of Annette Mullen and Matthew Waring,” Mr Anderson said.

“The new directors were selected from a competitive EOI process and bring a diverse range of skills and experience that will be a great asset to the GRNSW Board,” he said. 

Delighted and honoured by his appointment, Mr Armenis was also quick to praise the work of his predecessor.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing chair, Morris Iemma for his outstanding contribution to the organisation, and industry, and his work with the Board in steering the sport in this State onto a path which has a bright and vibrant future,” Mr Armenis said.

“I would also like to take the time to thank our outgoing Board member Yvonne Howie for her considerable contribution and tireless work over the past two years. Having served alongside Yvonne I saw first-hand her commitment and passion for the role.

“I am extremely excited to welcome our new members of the Board – Rebekah Giles, Helen Moore, Marissa Cooper and Kevin Gordon. Each will bring with them a wealth of experience and unique skills from the industry, and the corporate and business world, and they are wonderful assets not only for the GRNSW Board, but particularly for our industry.

“Finally I am delighted to welcome back to the Board for another term, Matt Waring, and to again have Annette Mullen serve on the Board.  Their experience will be invaluable to both myself and the new board members.

“I am very honoured to have been appointed to the role of Chairperson, and my main objective, and that of the Board, will be to oversee governance of GRNSW and work with CEO Tony Mestrov and his senior management team to continue to take the industry in NSW forward.

“We have seen in recent times some wonderful initiatives from GRNSW, and we want to continue to see greyhound racing, and our Greyhounds As Pets program, flourish in this State.”

GRNSW Chief Executive Officer Tony Mestrov welcomed the announcement from the Minister.

“It would be remiss of me not to firstly thank our outgoing chair, Morris Iemma for his tireless work in helping the rebuild of the industry over the past two years,” Mr Mestrov said. “I must also offer sincere thanks to outgoing Board member Yvonne Howie, again for her hard work and commitment to the industry.

“I am delighted with the Minister’s announcement of the new board, and welcome the new members, Rebekah Giles, Kevin Gordon, Helen Moore and Marissa Cooper. Each brings a unique set of skills which will be incredibly valuable for GRNSW. I am very pleased to have Matt Waring reappointed, and to have Annette Mullen continue to serve on the Board.

“And finally I would like to pass on my congratulations to the new chair, Hugh Armenis, who I have worked closely with during his time as a GRNSW Board member.

“I look forward to working with Hugh and the new Board as we continue to grow the industry and move greyhound racing forward in NSW.”