New Training Seminars Taking Place In New England And Bathurst

New Training Seminars Taking Place In New England And Bathurst

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Greyhound Racing NSW has announced that two ‘Training For The Future’ seminars will take place in June. 

The seminars are conducted by GRNSW’s Education Unit and are designed to teach greyhound racing participants about modern training methods.

The two seminars will be held in Tamworth and Bathurst and follow two initial seminars staged at Maitland and Richmond in late 2015, as well as two further seminars at Goulburn and Lismore held in early 2016.

The dates and times of the upcoming seminars are as follows:

•    Tamworth: Sunday, June 5 (10:30am – 2:30pm)
•    Bathurst: Sunday, June 19 (10:30am – 2:30pm)

The speakers for the upcoming seminars include:

Glenn Cooke
Rearing and training methods for increasing success in working dogs
Glenn has been successfully training people and their dogs for more than 23 years. He has a breadth of expertise including the highly specialised training and development of service dogs for military and police roles requiring the development of canine motivation and drive.
Dr Alexandra Blecich
Canine injury rehabilitation
Alexandra has worked as an on track veterinarian for greyhound racing.  She is undertaking further studies in Animal Biomechanics and Rehabilitation and has a particular interest in canine injury rehabilitation and sports medicine.

Dr Gavin Harper (Tamworth Only)
Vaccinations: understanding the options and how to best protect your greyhound
Dr Harper is the Technical Services Veterinarian for Boehringer Ingelheim, a company that offers a variety of market-leading products to protect the health of greyhounds.

Dr John Newell (Bathurst Only)
Identifying common and uncommon racing injuries.
John is the head veterinarian for GRNSW.  He has spent the past thirty years developing special interests in aspects of mobility and breeding soundness in companion animals and the canine athlete. He has a special interest in the racing greyhound and its biomechanics. 

Attendees of each seminar receive a certificate of attendance which can be used to demonstrate a commitment to continuing education for future licensing requirements.

Participants attending the seminars are encouraged to provide feedback to GRNSW whenever they can. 

Training videos demonstrating the proper use of artificial lures are also now available and accessible for all participants at this link.

Participants can register for the New England or Bathurst seminar by calling (02) 8767 0500 or emailing