Reminder - Feedback Sought On New Rule To Reduce Unnecessary Euthanasia of Greyhounds

Reminder - Feedback Sought On New Rule To Reduce Unnecessary Euthanasia of Greyhounds

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Greyhound Racing NSW (GRNSW) is seeking input from the greyhound racing industry on a proposed local rule which aims to reduce the euthanasia rates of healthy greyhounds and promote responsible ownership.

The proposal is part of GRNSW’s efforts to reform the NSW greyhound racing industry with animal welfare at the centre of the sport. 

The proposed local rule will make it mandatory for all registered owners to take steps to rehome a greyhound once that greyhound has retired from racing. 

Owners will only be allowed to have healthy greyhounds euthanased where it is undertaken by a veterinary surgeon and where an owner can demonstrate they have made reasonable efforts to have the greyhound rehomed. 

Similarly, owners will only be allowed to surrender a greyhound to a local council where an owner can demonstrate that they have made reasonable efforts to rehome the greyhound .

Under the proposed local rule, a greyhound will be deemed unable to be rehomed if:

•    the owner of the greyhound does not believe that the greyhound can be reasonably retained as a pet (by the owner) and the owner is able to explain why this is not possible in the relevant circumstances; and
•    a person has contacted the GRNSW Greyhounds As Pets program and at least two other rehoming providers and both have declined to accept the greyhound for rehoming purposes; or 
•    a veterinary surgeon or rehoming provider has assessed the greyhound as not suitable for rehoming. 

In addition, GRNSW is also proposing to make non-veterinary emergency euthanasia of a greyhound permissible only where it is clearly essential due to sudden and catastrophic injury and emergency veterinary attention cannot be obtained in a reasonable period of time. 

In these circumstances, the industry participant will be required to contact a veterinary surgeon in the first instance and gain veterinary approval for both the euthanasia and the method of euthanasia.

Following this approval, the industry participant will be required to report the details of the euthanasia to GRNSW within 24 hours and take the deceased greyhound to a veterinary clinic, where it must be made available for a post-mortem examination if this is required by GRNSW. When authorised by GRNSW, the deceased greyhound must be disposed of via a veterinary clinic.

The proposed local rule can be viewed here. 

All stakeholders are invited to complete the prescribed Participant Feedback Form so that GRNSW receives as much industry input into the proposed local rule as possible.

All completed feedback forms must be received by GRNSW by close of business on Friday 13 May 2016. 

Participant Feedback Forms can be submitted via the following methods: 
•    Email: 
•    Fax: (02) 9674 6244
•    Post: Greyhound Racing NSW, Building B, 1 Homebush Bay Drive, Rhodes NSW 2138

Please ensure all emails, faxes and envelopes refer  to ‘Local Rule Feedback’. 

Click here to download the Participant Feedback Form*. 

*Please note this form has now been updated to allow for electronic entry.