Vet Alert - Kennel Cough

Vet Alert - Kennel Cough

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GRNSW would like to advise industry participants that the incidence of kennel cough amongst the New South Wales greyhound population appears to have slowed down over recent months.

The map below illustrates kennel locations of cases that have been reported to GRNSW since the beginning of 2016. Note, however, that the travel and interactive activities of carrier dogs plays a major role in the spread and persistence of this highly contagious virus.

GRNSW would like to remind industry participants to remain vigilant against kennel cough. Individual resistance to the disease can be maximised by maintaining a regular program of C5 vaccinations in all dogs, from the time of their puppy booster injection at ten weeks of age.

Prevention is largely reliant on management factors within the kennel itself, the most important being space and ventilation, biosecurity and quarantine protocols.

It is recommended that a dog with kennel cough receives veterinary attention. Any dog displaying respiratory symptoms should be isolated on the property, and GRNSW should be notified as soon as possible to aid in tracking and control.

Suspected and confirmed cases of kennel cough can be reported to Disease Surveillance Manager Dr Anne-Louise Knox via phone on (02) 8767 0500 or email at