Club Operating Standards

GRNSW leads the Australasian racing industry in the areas of operating standards and controls for greyhound racing clubs.

The Operating Standards and Guidelines for NSW Greyhound Racing Clubs (Operating Standards) were introduced in 2004 to improve the performance, efficiency, safety and accountability of all clubs in NSW. 

The Operating Standards aim to ensure standards of best practice in corporate governance – particularly in the areas of risk management, racing programs, racecourse facilities and financial management. The Operating Standards outline the minimum requirements that greyhound racing clubs must achieve to obtain registration in NSW.

Originally presented as a set of 32 standards that had to be met each year, GRNSW undertook a review of the Operating Standards in 2010 to make them more practical, simple and achievable for clubs. The GRNSW Board recognised a need to modernise the Operating Standards to meet the challenges of the existing operating environment. The review also formed an important part of the Board’s ongoing commitment to regulation reform and reducing the burden of red tape within NSW greyhound racing.

GRNSW believes the Operating Standards have led to higher levels of compliance across all metrics and stronger operations that have improved the performance efficiency, safety and accountability of NSW greyhound racing clubs.

PDF versions of all Operating Standards are available for download below:


Standard 1 – Club Constitution

Standard 2 – Best Practice Governance

Standard 3 -  Complaint Handing & Dispute Resolution

Standard 4 -  Anti-Discrimination & Harassment

Standard 5 – Business & Marketing Plan

Standard 6 -  Clubs Secure – Racing Statistics Reporting

Standard 7 -  Clubs Secure – Finance Reporting

Standard 8 – Financial Reporting At Committee Level 

Standard 9 – Insurance Coverage

Standard 10 – Work Health & Safety Policy & Compliance

Standard 11 – Incident & Injury Prevention

Standard 12 -  Emergency Procedures

Standard 13 -  Annual Report

Standard 14 – Club Accounting Practices

Standard 15 – Club Assets

Standard 16 – Theft & Fraud Control