Minimum Bet Limits (MBL) FAQs


When do the GRNSW Minimum Bet Limits Commence?

The MBL conditions commence from 1st July 2020

Which Wagering Operators must comply with the GRNSW MBL’s and what are the limits?

The list of those WSP’s whom must adhere to GRNSW MBL’s is here: GRNSW MBL conditions

Off-course operators must apply to GRNSW for NSW Greyhound Race Field Information Use (RFIU). Once approval is granted, there are obligations that the approved operators must follow, including MBL’s. There is a threshold criteria that determines the Approval holders obligations with respect to MBL’s.

GRNSW MBL Conditions: Which races do these apply to? 

The conditions apply to fixed odds bets on all NSW Greyhound races that are considered ‘TAB’ racing – that is, any NSW greyhound race that the NSW TAB is willing to accept online wagers on

From what time are approved Wagering Operators obliged to adhere to GRNSW MBL’s?

MBL’s must be bet from 2 hours before the start of the 1st race on the program at the designated meeting:

For example:  A typical Saturday night racing

Wentworth Park commences at 6pm on Saturday, the MBL’s for each and every race on the program kick in from 4pm. 

The Gardens commences at 4.50pm on the same night: The obligations commence on bets relating to the Gardens meeting at 2.50pm.

Some WSP’s have indicated that they will bet to MBL’s from times earlier than the 2 hour threshold stipulated in the conditions. Whilst they are not obliged to do so, we appreciate their willingness to accommodate punters in this regard


Can you explain the conditions you have introduced for the Group 1 Final Field races?

Group 1 races typically generate the most wagering interest across all codes. We want to see punters engage with the biggest races and given these events will provide the greatest level of price transparency, we feel it imperative to see higher limits applicable to punters via MBL’s.

This is why punters are able to get set to win $2000 on the Final Field of a Group 1 race or other as outlined in the conditions like the Million Dollar Chase, commencing 2 hours before the first race at that particular meeting.

For the sake of avoiding confusion, the only races where the $2000 limit is applicable is the Group 1 races itself (and other races outlined like the MDC). This limit does not apply to supporting races on the program where a Group 1 race or races are being run. However, with greater focus on these group meetings and the likelihood of strong support cards, we hope bookmakers are willing to expand their scope like some have already committed to do.  

What qualifies as a NSW Metropolitan race? 

The metropolitan meeting each week is at Wentworth Park on Saturday nights.

There will be designated Friday night metro racing at Wentworth Park that includes Million Dollar Chase Final night, Derby Heats & Final nights (Futurity Heats and Final on the same nights).

GRNSW will create a metro racing calendar, reflecting the meetings that the approved wagering operators must bet to Metro MBL’s.

What types of bets do the GRNSW MBL conditions apply to?

The MBL conditions require the off-course wagering operators to accept a fixed odds bet (i.e Win, place and each-way bets) at odds publicly displayed, to risk the maximum amount stipulated in the MBL conditions.

For example:  Punter ‘Steve’ wants to place a bet at Richmond on a Wednesday night. This meeting is a non-metro meeting, therefore the MBL limit is $500 with Bookmaker A, whom is obliged to bet to the MBL conditions:

  • Dog ‘Let Me On’ is $5.00 with Bookmaker A in Richmond Race 2
  • Punter Steve wants to back ‘Let Me On’ to win $500 with Bookmaker A
  • Punter Steve will be able to have a bet of $125 @ $5.00 ($625 return, minus stake of $125 = Profit of $500)

Examples of bets where the MBL’s do not apply:

The MBL conditions do not apply to bets of the following types:

  • Betting exchange wagering of any type
  • Tote Derivative bets
  • Exotic bets of any type
  • Bets with no fixed odds determined at the time of bet placement (i.e Top Fluc / BOB / SP)
  • Free bets / Bonus bets or other generosities such as Odds Boost

Do these GRNSW MBL conditions apply to multi bets?

No they do not. Multi bets are excluded.

Can I bet to the GRNSW MBL more than one time per race?

The answer is no. Wagering operators are only obliged to bet each customer the MBL’s limits once per race.

Can I attempt to bet more than the designated GRNSW MBL Limit?

A punter can attempt to place a bet where the risk exceeds the MBL limits. It will be down to bookmaker discretion as to whether they take on more than the limits require.

Already some forward-thinking operators have not only supported our limit stipulations, they have actually announced publicly from time to time they are willing to go beyond them. If you find a bookmaker that continually bets beyond the limits, then it makes sense to keep betting with them.

What price does a wagering operator have to bet each punter?

A punter is entitled to bet at the price displayed in the latest market on the wagering operators website or app.

The only time a changed price can be offered to a punter whom has attempted to place a bet at a different price to this offered price, is if another bet was layed at the original price and the wagering operator is adjusting the price to manage their risk.  

Digital capabilities are improving all of the time but there are still elements that don’t make the entire process foolproof. Technology allows time log records to be kept, capable of being cross-referenced against the sequence of betting activity. Therefore GRNSW will have the ability to check such time sequences in the case of a dispute.

In the last few minutes of betting, the prices can be very volatile. GRNSW is fully aware that price movement at bet placement time is one of the major issues that crops up around MBL’s. If there is a consistent problem, the suggestion would be to capture the issue via your own technology (i.e your smart phone) and submit it with any formal MBL complaint.

Can a wagering operator close an account, refuse to open an account or place limitations on an account to avoid accepting a fixed odds bet to the limit?

 Quite simply, no.  As part of their approval conditions the operators cannot refuse to open an account to avoid MBL limits, cannot close an account to avoid MBL limits and cannot place limitations on an open account to avoid MBL’s. 

Wagering operators do have every right to take the above actions for legitimate reasons.  Examples of legitimate reasons are:

  • Bowling: This is where someone is betting on behalf of other people
  • Fraudulent activity
  • Responsible gambling practices
  • Money Laundering
  • Warned off person
  • Disqualified person
  • Other integrity related reasons

Additional circumstances are outlined in the Standard Conditions where a wagering operator can take action which is in accordance with the stipulations outlined.

Do GRNSW MBL’s apply to pre-post betting?


Do the GRNSW MBL conditions apply to cash bets in a retail outlet?

No - In relation to cash (non-account) bets placed in retail outlets (be they TAB outlets, retail options in pubs and clubs, hotels, pop-up mobile agencies).

What about bets placed digitally in a retail outlet?

Technology is advancing at a rapid rate with the introduction of such innovations as ‘venue mode’ for mobiles from the retail operator TAB. If a TAB account holder is present in a retail outlet but using their own account via mobile technology, then the wagering operator will have to comply and bet the customer in accordance with MBL’s conditions.

Is the wagering operator obliged to extend credit to the punter to execute a bet to the minimum limit?


What should a punter do if they have a complaint?

Punters can go through the following process if they feel an approved wagering operator has contravened GRNSW MBL Policy.

These are the steps a punter must go through before completing the GRNSW MBL Complaint Form. Failure to do so will stop the complaint from being processed.

Step-1: The punter must contact the relevant approved operator to ascertain the reason for bet refusal or exclusion

Step-2: If the complaint is unable to be resolved given the contact with the wagering operator above, then the punter can lodge a formal complaint with GRNSW by completing the GRNSW MBL Complaint Form within 14 days of bet placement.

Step-3:  Complete all sections of the Complaint Form. It is very important that the punter includes all correspondence relating to steps 1 & 2.


GRNSW Minimum Bet Limit Complaints form

GRNSW intends to build an online complaints form soon, but for now if you are required to file a complaint against a wagering service provider, please fill out the following:

Click here for :  GRNSW MBL Complaint Form

Once you have completed the Complaints form, submit it to 

or you can post it to:


MBL Complaint

PO Box 698

Darlinghurst NSW 1300