Greyhound Racing Rules

Rules of Racing

All registered participants should make themselves familiar with the Greyhound Racing Rules. Trainers in particular should be aware of the rules specific to all racing matters, including nomination closing times, grading, incapacitations and prohibited substances. 

Please note that these rules are continually amended. All amendments are undertaken through the co-operation of all affiliated greyhound racing bodies as well as Greyhounds Australasia.

Click here to download a full copy of the Greyhound Racing Rules (effective 1 July 2021)


Proposed Greyhounds Australasia Rule Changes

Greyhounds Australasia (GA) will introduce a set of Rule changes around animal welfare and administered substances.

Greyhound Racing NSW has been advised that the amendments will update and clarify GA’s Rules and in certain instances will bring GA’s Rules in line with other racing codes.

Before it considers adopting these rules GRNSW is seeking comment from New South Wales participants about Greyhounds Australasia’s amendments by 15 March 2018.

Please email your submissions on the proposed amendments to GRNSW at

GRNSW will provide more information on the commencement of these rules following the conclusion of consultation.

The amendments relate to the following GA Rules:

GA Rule changes

GAR 1 – Definition of Prohibited Substances

GAR 1 – Norethisterone exemption

GAR 21A – National Ban on Consecutive Days Racing

GAR 79A – Out of Competition Testing

GAR 83A – Restrictions on Treatment Prior to Racing

GAR 84A – Treatment Record Requirements