Dapto Greyhound Project

Exciting plans are in the works for Dapto, home of Australia’s most iconic greyhound racing venue.

Artist Impression Proposed Dapto Greyhound Racing Facility V1

Greyhound Racing NSW is building a State of the Art racetrack, as part of a new Dapto Greyhounds Centre of Excellence, which will undoubtedly make Dapto an even better place to live, work and play.

A prime parcel of land on Bong Bong Road has been purchased, as part of an $11 million investment by Greyhound Racing NSW to build a new Centre of Excellence, ensuring that Dapto continues for decades to come as Australia’s most famous and iconic greyhound racing venue

Detailed planning and design is still in its early stages for the new Dapto Centre of Excellence. We’re keen to hear from the Dapto community about how to best optimise the layout, facilities, operations, access, safety, fun and community involvement at the new facility.

What do you think should (or shouldn’t) be included as part of the new development?

The greyhound racing facilities at Dapto will utilise about 30% of the land at the Bong Bong Road site, leaving 70% open for other community uses. 

Do you have a community group or idea that needs space and would benefit from this convenient and appealing location? Is there a community project that Greyhound Racing NSW could help to establish and support at the site? 

Could the available land be used for a playground, market gardens, music festivals, vintage car rallies, camp drafting events or a monthly food and clothing market?

Artist Impression Proposed Dapto Greyhound Racing Facility V1

We’d love to hear from everyone with their ideas, suggestions and other input to ensure the Dapto Greyhounds Centre of Excellence delivers beyond local expectations and makes Dapto an even greater place to live, work and play.

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or  email any other suggestions and ideas to: daptoconsultation@grnsw.com.au

Artist Impression Proposed Dapto Greyhound Racing Facility V1