The deadline for notification of a scratching at all TAB meetings is 9am on the day of the meeting. Scratchings can be made online here through the nominations portal using your log-in details or by phoning GRNSW on (02) 8324 7602.

Scratchings are posted on website as they occur, with final scratchings normally posted by 9.30am daily. It is the responsibility of the trainer to check whether or not a reserve dog has gained a start at a meeting. 

GRNSW endeavours to contact each trainer when a reserve receives a start, however it is not always possible to reach everyone. Trainers with reserves are encouraged to remain contactable on the morning of the meeting.

TAB Scratchings: (02) 8324 7602 between 8-9am 7 days a week.

To make an online scratching for a TAB meeting click here.

Non-TAB Scratchings

The scratching time for non-TAB meetings is also 9am on race day.

This allows notification to participants of their greyhound gaining a start, in most cases well before the trainer is required to leave home for a meeting.

The issue is viewed primarily as a welfare matter, having regard to travelling times occasioned with the uncertainty of gaining a start with a reserve, particularly in times of hot weather when kennel accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

Online scratchings can be lodged with GRNSW up until 4pm on the last working day preceding the meeting. Clubs will be notified of the scratchings received via online services. Trainers Ozchase accounts will not enable notification of scratchings on line for Non-TAB meetings after this time.

Scratchings after this must be notified to the club concerned. The contact numbers for scratchings for the Non-TAB Clubs appear below. This number can be contacted between the hours of 8am and 9am on race day to notify any scratching.

The reason for the scratching will be noted and reported on the usual incapacitation/scratching form, which is forwarded to GRNSW on the first working day following the meeting. The provisions of LR 22A will remain in force.

In the case of reserve allocation, the first reserve will go into the first vacated box and the second reserve, in the case of two or more scratchings, into the second vacated box.

It is the responsibility of the trainer of a greyhound to scratch it from any subsequent engagement if the greyhound becomes ineligible for that event for any reason, e.g. winning a maiden beforehand, incurring a stand down incapacitation due to being injured in running, marring, failing to pursue, unsatisfactory performance or for being scratched from any prior event.