Integrity Auditor

Role and Functions of the Greyhound Racing Integrity Auditor

The role of the Integrity Auditor of GRNSW is defined by the Greyhound Racing Act 2009 (the Act).

Under Part 3 Division 3 Section 26 of the legislation, the Integrity Auditor of GRNSW has the following functions:

• The primary oversight of those aspects of the functions of GRNSW that relate to stewards, drug testing and control and registration;
• Providing advice to GRNSW on the matters referred to in paragraph (a) of the Act;
• Receiving and investigating complaints against racing officials in respect of the exercise of functions relating to greyhound racing; and
• Such other functions as are conferred or imposed on the Integrity Auditor by or under this or any other Act.

The functions of the Integrity Auditor are to be exercised independently of GRNSW.

For a full description on the roles and functions of the Greyhound Racing Integrity Auditor, click here.


The Act allows any person to make a complaint to the Integrity Auditor of GRNSW in relation to the exercise of functions by a greyhound racing official.

The Integrity Auditor must investigate any serious complaint with due diligence and has the ability to require racing officials, that are the subject of an investigation, to provide records and information that is relevant to the investigation.

Complaints/correspondence to the Integrity Auditor should be signed and include sufficient details for the Integrity Auditor to be able to make follow up contact.