Investigations And Intelligence

Early 2015 saw the development of new Investigation and Intelligence sections within GRNSW. These sections will drive and enhance GRNSW’s intelligence and investigative activities to ensure information received is comprehensively assessed and prioritised for any potential regulatory response and subsequent investigation and that compliance activities are increasingly intelligence led, outcomes focused and risk based.

GRNSW has appointed a new Principal Investigator role to lead GRNSW’s investigation team and undertake more serious or complex investigations, as well as contribute to a multi-disciplinary compliance team being established to ensure rigorous supervision of the sport.

Further, a new Intelligence unit has been established to undertake critical compliance functions, including: 

• Develop strategic intelligence product to identify emerging issues and support GRNSW risk assessments and regulatory functions;
• Assess and analyse information and complaints received regarding suspected non-compliance and alleged wrongdoing;
• Liaise with partner regulatory and law enforcement agencies; and
• Provide operational intelligence support to GRNSW regulatory functions.

The Investigations and Intelligence sections can be contacted via email: