Swab Clearances

GRNSW will cease to publish swab clearances on its websites under an amended swabbing policy issued on 1 November 2016.

The decision to cease publishing swab clearances on the GRNSW websites was made after it was determined by the GRNSW Regulatory unit that communicating a swab as ‘cleared’ was misleading because, under the Greyhound Racing Rules, Stewards can direct a stored sample be resubmitted for testing at any time. 

Prior to the issuing of the amended swabbing policy, GRNSW was the only Australian jurisdiction that published swab clearances. 

GRNSW will continue to publish information about positive swab inquiries on both the www.grnsw.com.au and www.thedogs.com.au websites. GRNSW will also continue to provide participants with information about the clearance of their swabs on request.  

Anyone wishing to contact GRNSW to inquire about a specific swab can email Stewards_Inquiries@grnsw.com.au or call (02) 8767 0529.

Click here to view the amended swabbing policy.