Welfare Strategy

In February 2014, the National Greyhound Welfare Strategy was adopted as a result of the joint animal welfare strategy announced by Greyhound Racing Victoria and GRNSW to facilitate a more effective flow of information between states and territories and achieve Australia-wide welfare objectives. The strategy aims to implement uniform standards of care, education, accountability and enforcement across the country to ensure the best possible outcome for greyhounds in every stage of their life.

In May 2014, Greyhounds Australasia formally adopted the National Greyhound Welfare Strategy and established the Welfare Working Party which consists of state representatives. The purpose of the Welfare Working Party is to further progress initiatives under the National Greyhound Welfare Strategy then, subject to stakeholder consultation, refer each item back to the individual controlling bodies for in-principle agreement.

In NSW, the first significant greyhound breeding initiatives under the strategy commenced on 1 July 2015. These changes included the introduction of a breeder’s licence, breeding female registration card, breeding restrictions and the cessation of the Blue Paws NSW Breeders and Owners Incentive Scheme.

The new breeding controls are designed to encourage breeders to make more informed and considered breeding decisions in order to decrease the number of greyhounds bred that are unsuitable for racing. The changes aim to promote the responsible breeding of greyhounds and address the inadequate transparency that has previously inhibited the regulation, monitoring and management of animal welfare outcomes.

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