Bylong Park

Bylong Park: a world-class greyhound rehabilitation farm

Ensuring a brighter future for retired racing greyhounds

Denman could be home to a world-class greyhound rehabilitation farm.

Bylong Park, Martindale is located 20 kilometres south of Denman in the heartland of NSW’s Upper Hunter region. Bylong Park has been selected as the potential home for a world-class greyhound farm-stay facility, transitioning retired greyhounds to pets.

The 135-hectare property is planned to become a world-first, animal welfare-focused farm-stay facility for retired greyhounds that need some time to transition from the racetrack to life as pets.

Bylong Park will centralise the retraining, rehabilitation and services needed to transform these racing dogs into pets and will help ensure that all ex-racing greyhounds have quality care for their lifetime whether as pets in homes. or long-term residents of the farm-stay.


A farm-stay for greyhounds

Once the greyhounds are ready for adoption, they will be moved to one of Greyhounds As Pets (GAP) NSW’s adoption centres where they will be individually matched to their new forever families.

Our vision is that the farm-stay will become a global centre of excellence in greyhound welfare improvement.

A world-first facility

Greyhound Racing NSW will be the first organisation in any racing code in the world to develop and operate a farm-stay facility like Bylong Park. It is expected to set a new standard internationally for animal welfare. Vets and animal welfare experts have been consulted in the planning stages and the result is kennels that far exceed best practice internationally.

The facility will have capacity to care for up to 400 retired greyhounds at any time and each greyhound will spend six to eight weeks on site before their new life as a pet. Where that isn’t possible, Bylong Park will offer retired greyhounds a lifelong home. New innovations, state-of-the art facilities and leading programs are planned. 

The facility will include a vet clinic, 20 kennels each housing 20 greyhounds, outdoor yards, a social play space for up to four greyhounds, an indoor area with heated flooring and cooling systems, sensory gardens, and landscaped grounds with water features. Innovative design features and systems have been integrated into the facility to ensure environmental impacts are minimal with the aim to achieve a positive carbon footprint.

Bylong Park farm-stay facility is set to be one of the industry’s most significant welfare opportunities and the first facility of its kind to be developed by any racing code in the world.


Transitioning racing greyhounds to family pets

Racing greyhounds are raised, trained, raced and cared for in very structured training environments built on routine and predictability. Bylong Park will prepare retired greyhounds for the unstructured and more unpredictable lifestyle of a pet.

Not all greyhounds require a retirement transition program, however some do and that’s what they will receive at Bylong Park. There will be no time limit for these greyhounds to become ‘pet ready’ and they will continue to be cared for and offered opportunities for life as a pet. Some retired racing greyhounds continue to prefer a more structured life and will find a lifelong home at Bylong Park. The facility is designed to support the long-term welfare of the greyhounds, offering them choice, mental stimulation and comfort.

Greyhounds make excellent pets. They are gentle, good-natured, low- maintenance, require less exercise than people think, and are very clean. They have very little odour and shed minimally. Greyhounds are affectionate by nature, intelligent, expressive, have individual personalities and quirks. Best of all,  they rarely bark.

Local economic benefits

Bylong Park will contribute economic benefits to the region. New jobs will be generated in construction and there will be around 20 new full-time local jobs when the facility is operational. Greyhound Racing NSW is committed to recruiting employees, including veterinary employees, from the local and Upper Hunter community where possible. The farm-stay will also rely heavily on local goods and services for its day-to-day operations.

The facility is expected to inject money into the local economy in the first 12 months by using:

  • local contractors for construction and landscaping;
  • local suppliers to provide pet food and other needs; and

  • local staff, including vets, wherever possible. 


Features of the farm-stay

Greyhound Racing NSW has engaged the best available team of experts to design a centre of excellence at Bylong Park, with animal welfare and wellbeing the priority. It will be a well-designed and attractive facility that complements the environment.

An extensive landscaping plan will ensure the site includes many different native plants. This will be visually-appealing for staff and neighbours, but it is also important to provide different textures and sensory experiences for the greyhounds. Local species will be sourced to enhance opportunities for wildlife and to regenerate sensitive bushland areas. The design also acknowledges and pays respect to the Traditional Owners of the land, the Wonnarua people.

The facility has been designed to minimise noise and visual impact, to maximise solar access and to operate in a sustainable manner.

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“It’s unprecedented in our industry and a crucial step in GRNSW’s welfare and lifetime care program for all greyhounds. Significant work has been done to ensure we have secured the ideal property for this facility.”

Mr John Williams, Chairman, Greyhound Racing NSW


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