Rehoming Assistance Schemes

***NEW***  Homing Assistance Scheme (HAS) –

Up to $950 for comprehensive care

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Updated: April 2020

Summary: Greyhound Racing NSW increases financial support scheme to provide increased protection for retiring and rehomed greyhounds against infectious disease.

Single Rebate Scheme for all retired GWIC-registered greyhounds

The Homing Assistance Scheme is a financial rebate scheme for NSW industry participants who have retired their greyhounds and are preparing them for life as pets in their own home, with friends or family or through Greyhounds As Pets NSW and other approved rehoming organisations. This new single scheme brings together the former Owner Incentive Scheme, Desex and Dental Scheme and non-participant rehoming schemes into one easy rebate.

Previously the Greyhounds As Pets Owner Incentive Scheme covered up to $450 for desexing, $200 for a dental check-up and $50 for booster vaccinations, a C5 or equivalent. This was to ensure your greyhound starts its life as a household pet with a clean bill of health.

Vaccination Rebate up to $100 for C7 protection

If your greyhound was registered for racing with GWIC, you would have provided an initial C3 and/or C5 vaccine (depending on your greyhound’s age). A C7 vaccine which provides coverage against Canine Parvovirus, Canine Distemper, Canine Infectious Hepatitis, Coronavirus, Leptospirosis and two strains of what is commonly called kennel cough can be given. This C7 vaccine is usually required for any dog to be entered into a commercial boarding facility and provides your greyhound with extra protection against common infectious diseases that are endemic in the dog population in Australia (both racing and companion animals).

Recently, states on the Eastern seaboard have witnessed an increase in cases of Canine Coronavirus (this is not related to human corona virus/COVID-19) making this a timely addition to the scheme. Infected dogs will have symptoms that include vomiting and diarrhoea and vaccination reduces not only spread of this disease, but severity of symptoms too. GWIC have released information and guidance on their website around the disease - Canine Coronavirus Factsheet.

Prevention is the best cure - GRNSW understands that treating and undertaking effective quarantine of those greyhounds with an infectious disease and controlling the spread in a facility with multiple greyhounds can be difficult. It is also imperative that pet greyhounds are protected and not inadvertently spreading the disease to other dog populations. That is why, GRNSW is doubling the $50 vaccination rebate to $100 for those owners and trainers who provide a C7 vaccination for their retiring greyhounds.

Please be aware that there has also been an increase in cases of leptospirosis in the Sydney region over the last year, so if your greyhound will be rehomed in metropolitan regions, it is highly recommended that you give your retired greyhound a C7 vaccination for the purpose of covering this disease too.

The C7 vaccination course requires 2 injections administered 2 weeks apart. C7 vaccination will also now be required for GAP pre-assessment and entry into the program’s facilities ongoing, with the first injection completed within 2 weeks prior to pre-assessment if starting the C7 course for the first time. GWIC vaccination requirements for registered greyhounds do not mandate C7 and leptospirosis vaccinations but these are recommended, see – Puppy Vaccinations.

An extra $100 for heartworm testing and prevention

If you think your greyhound may not have been covered with the appropriate heartworm preventative continuously throughout its life, it is important to get your vet to undertake a heartworm SNAP test to then be able to administer the correct preventative or required heartworm treatment. GRNSW is therefore also adding $100 for owners wishing to undertake a SNAP heartworm test accompanied by the appropriate heartworm prevention/treatment for eligible retiring greyhounds under this new Homing Assistance Scheme.

$100 towards pre-anaesthesia blood tests for greyhounds

All surgery comes with a level of risk, even routine procedures such as desexing and a dental scale and polish. However, this risk can be higher in greyhounds 7 years of age and older as the chance of health issues such as impaired kidney and liver function and other underlying conditions increase with age in dogs, the same as they do in humans. We believe it is particularly important to get a clear understanding and reduce the risk of anaesthesia in senior greyhounds by undertaking a pre-anaesthesia blood test before desexing. This is why the Homing Assistance Scheme will now also cover up to $100 for a comprehensive pre-anaesthetic blood test for senior greyhounds. If blood work indicate that a greyhound’s status precludes it from safely undergoing surgical procedures under anaesthesia, you will still be eligible for a rebate for the blood test.



The Following Schemes will be replaced immediately by Home Assistance Scheme (HAS) and end on 1st June 2020 )

Re-homing Contribution Scheme

GRNSW launched the GRNSW Re-homing Contribution Scheme, which aims to assist independent greyhound re-homing organisations. Under the scheme, GRNSW will contribute $350 to the veterinary costs of every re-homed greyhound that acquires Greenhounds status at any point in its life.

The scheme will apply to greyhounds re-homed since 1 July 2015 and the payment will be made to the re-homing provider’s nominated veterinary account.

GRNSW recognises the tireless work independent re-homing organisations undertake to secure a successful retirement for large numbers of racing greyhounds and bear significant costs in doing so.

The intent of the GRNSW Re-homing Contribution Scheme is to assist these re-homing organisations and help them continue to undertake the tremendous work they currently do.

To claim a contribution, an application for each eligible greyhound must be submitted by completing the Application for GRNSW Greyhound Rehoming Contribution Scheme.

Re-homing Contribution Scheme
Greyhound Racing NSW
PO Box 698
Darlinghurst NSW 1300 

Greyhound Re-homing Desexing & Dental Care Contribution Scheme (will be replaced immediately by HAS and end on 1st June 2020 )

This scheme has been introduced to provide direct support for veterinary costs incurred by rehoming organisations or individuals engaged in the rehoming of greyhounds. GRNSW encourages the desexing of greyhounds before rehoming and recognises that veterinary costs are a significant component of the cost base of rehoming organisations. Regular dental treatment is also important for all dogs including greyhounds.

The scheme provides financial assistance for the following procedures and are capped at:

  • Vet check and desexing (including all fees and expenses) - $350
  • Dental care procedures (including all fees and expenses) - $100
  • Booster vaccinations (C5 or equivalent) - $50

Evidence that the greyhound has been desexed and dental treatment carried out by a registered NSW veterinarian is required.

Organisations and individuals seeking contributions under this scheme should contact the GRNSW Chief Veterinary Officer at providing your contact details and indicating you wish to apply to receive funding under this scheme. You will then be provided with an application form and instructions regarding making claims for each greyhound rehomed.

It should be noted that this scheme does not apply to industry participants registered with the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission. Industry participants should refer to the Owner Incentive Scheme for support for desexing and dental costs.

Re-homing Grant Scheme

The Greyhound Re-homing Desexing & Dental Care Contribution Scheme replaces the Re-homing Grant Scheme and provides increased financial assistance for rehoming organisations or individuals.

Greyhounds As Pets Owners Incentive Scheme (will be replaced immediately by HAS and end on 1st June 2020 )

Under the Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission (GWIC) Rehoming Policy, registered owners are required to desex greyhounds before rehoming. GRNSW encourages registered owners to take advantage of a new financial rebate scheme GAP Owners Incentive Scheme to assist with the cost of desexing and related veterinary costs for the purpose of rehoming retired greyhounds.

Funding and administration of the scheme is provided through Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) NSW. The aim of the scheme is to support participants who would like to keep their greyhounds as pets or rehome them to family or friends once their racing careers are over. The scheme provides funding for the greyhound to be desexed and have any minor dental work and booster vaccinations carried out.

Under the new arrangements for the scheme, owners registered with GWIC who retire a greyhound and intend to keep their greyhound as a pet or rehome the greyhound to family or friends, can apply to have their greyhound entered into the scheme.

Key changes from the earlier version of the scheme are as follows:

  • participants will no longer be required to pay $50 to enter their greyhound into the scheme,
  • the greyhound will no longer be required to have a behavioural assessment at a GAP facility or by a GAP staff member,
  • the veterinary examination, desexing procedure and a dental care procedure (if required) can now be undertaken at your choice of veterinary surgery or hospital anywhere in NSW.

The GAP OIS contributions are capped as follows:

  • Vet check and desexing (including all fees and expenses) - $450
  • Dental care procedures (including all fees and expenses) - $200
  • Booster vaccinations (C5 or equivalent) - $50

If there are surgical complications (eg a cryptorchid male) or the dental work required is more serious and requires extractions payment beyond the cap may be possible with the prior approval of the GRNSW Chief Veterinarian.

There are two options for payment to be made under the scheme.

  1. Payment to Owner: the registered owner or trainer pay the veterinarian and seek reimbursement from GAP by submitting the completed form and invoice receipt.
  2. Payment to Vet: the registered owner or trainer submits their invoice for the veterinary procedures with their completed form to GAP for payment to the veterinarian.

The scheme application form provides for both options.

Owners that enter the scheme are reminded that all greyhounds should not be rehomed unless their vaccination status is current (GAP recommends C5 vaccination or equivalent) and the owner details are entered into the NSW Pet Registry. Any cost associated with vaccination or registration on NSW Pet Registry is a matter for the owner or new owner.

Owners wishing to utilise the scheme are encouraged to download the form and make the necessary arrangements with their preferred NSW Registered Veterinarian or NSW Licenced Veterinary Hospital.