Types Of Trainers

There are two types of trainer licenses, an Owner Trainer licence and a Public Trainer licence.

Applicants must be aged 18 years or over and provide proof of identification to GWIC by supplying a certified copy of identification (i.e. passport or birth certificate) and a current certified passport photo with their application. Anyone aged 18 years and over who is applying for either trainer licence is required to provide a current National Criminal History Check at the time of their application.

Individuals applying for either trainer licence will also be required to undertake a questionnaire and a kennel inspection and will be contacted by a GWIC Steward once your application is received. You must have suitable kennels built before applying. Please refer to the   for kennel requirements.

Alternatively, you may request that GWIC allow you to train based out of the property of another NSW licensed person. To make this request you must supply GRNSW with written permission from another licensed person to train out of their property. This request will be considered by GWIC Stewards and approval will only be granted if the substitute property has passed a recent kennel inspection and the Stewards endorse the alternative training arrangement. Any such request must be provided at the time of your application.

Owner Trainer

This licence type allows you to train and race greyhounds which you either own outright or part own. If you are a member of a syndicate or partnership you can train and race greyhounds owned by that particular group. If you are a current Attendant you may apply for an Owner/Trainer licence at any time.

Forms can be downloaded on the GWIC website.

Public Trainer

This licence type allows you to train and race your own greyhounds, as well as greyhounds for any member of the public. Owner-Trainers may apply to upgrade to a Public Trainer licence only after having held an Owner-Trainer licence for a minimum of 12 months immediately prior to lodging an application.

Criteria considered in such an upgrade may be the number of greyhounds in your kennel, the ownership of those greyhounds, the number of starters over the past 12 months and the success rate of those starters, as well as any references in support of your application and any breaches of the rules of greyhound racing.

Forms can be downloaded on the GWIC website.