GRNSW's Racing Week Ahead

15:00 26 April 2024
Welcome to GRNSW’s Racing Week Ahead where we update participants with our upcoming events for the following week, highlighting several events for which nominations close over the next seven days.

On Wednesday 1st May at Temora, there are 330m Maiden Heats ($2,500 Final), whilst at Richmond there is a 520m Pathways ($4,000 Winner), 520m Maiden Heats ($4,000 Final) as well as 622m 5th Grade 1-4 Win Heats ($8,000 Non Penalty Final). There is extra prize money for all races, and all races over 622m & 722m will carry city-class prize money.

At Casino on Thursday 2nd May, the meeting features 411m Non-Grade (1/2/3/4th Grade) Heats - leading to a $3,450 Final. At Maitland on the same day, there are 400m Maiden Heats - with a $2,000 Final, and also on Thursday at Dapto, there are 520m 5th Grade Heats - leading to a $5,000 Non Penalty Final.

All eyes will be on The Gardens on Friday 3rd May: 715 Final Night! The card will also feature a 600m Non-Grade - worth $10,000 to the winner, as well as a 715m Non-Grade - again worth $10,000 to the winner. We'll also see a 400m Non Grade (1/2/3/4thGrade) - with $3,000 going to the winner. Friday at Wentworth Park will see a 520m Wentworth Park Battlers run and won, with $4,000 going to the winner.

Wentworth Park on Saturday 4th May is highlighted by Ladies Bracelet and Bob Payne Sprint Finals night!

At Nowra on Monday 6 May there are 365m Maiden Heats ($2,000 Final) and at Bulli on Tuesday 7th May, there are 340m 5th Grade 1-3 Win Heats - leading to a $2,000 Non Penalty Final.

Trainers should check the calendar on site for specific conditions that may be applicable to some events.
Please remember that nominations can now only be made online through the OzChase online portal:

For any Grading Inquiries, email or call: 1300 664 565 Mondays to Fridays from 10am - 2pm.