GRNSW Conflict of Interest Policy

This policy applies to all GRNSW Workers at all times while they are performing work for GRNSW and, unless otherwise stated, when they are not performing work for GRNSW. GRNSW has in place a separate Code of Conduct for its directors, consistent with the requirements of the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 (NSW).

Conflicts of interest can arise in many situations. It is not unusual or wrong if a conflict of interest arises in the course of your work at GRNSW. Actual, potential or reasonably perceived conflicts of interest may arise in decision making or in actions, and need to be managed.
The purpose of this policy is to:

(a) support GRNSW Workers in the exercise of their duties with integrity by assisting them to identify, disclose and manage conflicts of interest in a transparent manner in order to minimise risk (including reputational risk) to GRNSW; protect the interests of the industry; and avoid legal issues;

(b) assist in the avoidance of conflicts of interest where possible, and to provide measures which may be used for the appropriate management of issues or situations where conflicts of interest arise.

  (Updated September 2023)