Minimum Bet Limits (MBL)


GRNSW Minimum Bet Limit Policy – commencing 1st July 2020

Online Wagering Service Providers (WSP’s) whom meet the turnover threshold requirements will be required to adhere to the Minimum Bet Limits as stipulated here:

These requirements have been introduced after a consultation period where various stakeholders were engaged to provide feedback about the content and implementation of Minimum Bet Limits.

Obligations for WSP’s to adhere to the GRNSW MBL’s are dependent on whether they meet the threshold criteria as stipulated in the GRNSW MBL Conditions. Clause 8.9 (d)(i) stipulates that for a WSP to qualify for MBL’s it must have reached or exceeded the $9 million threshold based on NSW Greyhound turnover during a determined approval period. If the WSP did not meet the specified criteria, then it is not obliged to bet to the Minimum Bet Limit conditions.

GRNSW Minimum Bet Limit Conditions

More detailed information on GRNSW Minimum Limits can be found here:

for 2023-24 Race Fields Information Use Approval for Australian Wagering Operators Standard Conditions

Summary of GRNSW Minimum Bet Limit Policy

GRNSW Minimum Bet Limits come into effect 1st July 2020. From this date, WSP’s whom are approved and meet the requirements as outlined by GRNSW are required to:

Accept a fixed odds bet at odds that are publicly displayed by the approval holder for any NSW Greyhound race up to the maximum amounts specified below:

Note: When the person claims the Approval Holder for a win and place bet which is greater than the limits prescribed above, the Approval Holder must bet the person the proportional equivalent of an each-way wager.

The list below outlines the WSP’s whom currently qualify for MBL’s :

GRNSW Minimum Bet Limit Complaints form

GRNSW intends to build an online complaints form soon, but for now if you are required to file a complaint against a wagering service provider, please fill out the following:

:  GRNSW MBL Complaint Form

Once you have completed the Complaints form, submit it to 

or you can post it to:


MBL Complaint

PO Box 698

Darlinghurst NSW 1300