GRNSW receives requests for documents and information held by GRNSW from various sources.

Issuing a subpoena, summons or statutory notice

All subpoenas that require the production of documents on behalf of GRNSW should be addressed to:

The Proper Officer
Attention: General Counsel
Office of General Counsel
Greyhound Racing NSW
PO Box 698
Darlinghurst NSW 1300

The Office of General Counsel accepts service of subpoenas to produce documents on behalf of GRNSW.

If a GRNSW staff member is served with a subpoena to give evidence and/or produce documents then they should forward it to the GRNSW General Counsel immediately.

The Office of General Counsel cannot accept service of subpoenas to attend to give evidence as such subpoenas must be served directly on the individual called upon to give evidence

GRNSW expects to receive conduct money with any subpoena.  Conduct money is to offset the administrative costs involved in searching, locating, reviewing, copying and delivering documents in compliance with that subpoena.

The minimum amount of conduct money provided with a subpoena is $60, by way of cheque made out to Greyhound Racing New South Wales. This amount will cover up to two hours of searching records, reviewing records, copying up to 100 pages and delivery. If the time involved and records located go beyond these presumptions, GRNSW may contact you to discuss payment of additional costs.

Requests for access under Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009

All requests for access to information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW) (GIPA Act) should be directed to GRNSW’s GIPA Coordinator.  For more information, please go to the Access to Information page

If you have any queries in relation to subpoenas or requests for information, please phone (02) 8767 0545 or email