Subject to the provisions of GAR 85 and LR38B, no alterations to published box draws will be made unless the Grading Department is notified about a problem within three hours of the box draw being published on thedogs.com.au website.

Please note that races may be re-drawn in the following circumstances:

• The omission of an eligible greyhound that was correctly nominated; or
• Incorrect grading allocation of a greyhound in a field;

Prior to contacting the Grading Department regarding any grading issue, participants are encouraged to view the Order Of Choice report for the meeting in question. The Order Of Choice Report can be found on www.thedogs.com.au website and is attached to all published fields. Participants should also read and make themselves familiar with the NSW Grading Policy.

General grading enquiries on the grade of a greyhound at a particular track or the eligibility to compete in certain events, can be submitted to GRNSW for response via the Grading Enquiry Form on www.thedogs.com.au - the GRNSW Grading Department will respond to these enquiries within 48 hours of receipt.

Alternatively, participants without access to the internet or email can contact the Grading Department via phone with any general grading queries.

Grading Enquiries: 1300 664 565 Mondays to Fridays from 10am - 2pm.