Order of Choice Explained

The Order of Choice report provides information relating to the order of entry for each particular grade and distance at the meeting in question. The report is NOT broken into the individual races, nor does it specifically show ‘Unallocated Dogs’. However, the new report allows trainers to see where their greyhound sits in the order of entry for each grade and distance nominated, thereby providing answers to the majority of standard grading enquiries and questions that GRNSW receives on a regular basis.

If a greyhound has been nominated for more than one distance at a meeting, or if a greyhound has been considered for more than one race type (i.e. a straight out 5th grade race and also a mixed 4th & 5th grade race) then the greyhound will appear multiple times in the Order of Choice Report.

The Order of Choice Report provides information for all greyhounds nominated for a particular race meeting, including:

Points - The Weighted Points Score and Pro Rata Table is located on page 16 of the NSW Grading Policy. Points are those achieved by a greyhound at its last five starts and are calculated by OzChase. The points operate on a sliding scale according to division and grade. In the event a greyhound has less than five starts then a pro rata scale is applied to equalise that greyhound’s points to five starts.

Grade - The Order of Choice Report provides the grades (by distance) for greyhounds nominated for a meeting at a particular track. The report also indicates how many wins that greyhound needs to be elevated a grade at that particular track and distance, as well as the number of unplaced runs required to drop back a grade (if higher than 5th grade).

Trainers and owners should also note that the OzChase Online Nominations portal allows users to view the grades of every greyhound in their kennel at every track and distance in NSW. The functionality allows a greyhound to be selected, followed by a track and then a table of grades will appear covering every distance and class of meeting at the venue. The table also includes details on how many wins the greyhound needs at each distance and class combination before it goes up in grade, plus how many unplaced runs (shown as ‘Outs’) until it drops back. Note that grades will only be visible after a greyhound has had a race start or a Performance Trial in NSW.

Reasons – Formerly known as ‘Preferences’ the ‘Reason’ column on the Order of Choice Report shows why a greyhound has been elevated in the order of entry due to meeting one of the criteria listed in the “Grading Guidelines” (clause 7) of the NSW Grading Policy. Unless there is a Special Event or a race that a greyhound is ineligible for, then any greyhound may be elevated into a field ahead of another greyhound according to these grading guidelines (formerly known as ‘having a preference’).

Trainers should note that when nominating for multiple distances at the same meeting, greyhounds will be drawn in their 1st preference if eligible to be drawn. If the greyhound is to be drawn as a reserve, the nomination will roll over to its 2nd preference and so on.

Click here to see a sample Order of Choice Report with explanations of all content.

The Order of Choice Report for any race meeting can be found in the “Racing Form” section of the website by clicking on the field button for the relevant meeting.

Once you have clicked on the race field for a particular meeting, you will find the “Order of Choice” button in the top right hand corner above race two, as illustrated in the picture below.

Click on the “Order of Choice” button to open the report. Note the report will take 20-30 seconds to download and will open in a separate screen in Adobe Reader.