Online Nomination Tutorials

In a bid to encourage more participants to nominate online, the GRNSW Grading department has developed step-by-step tutorials on how to use the OzChase online nomination portal.

Nominating online is a quicker form of nominating and also guarantees that participants receive written confirmation that their nomination has been received. 

Participants are also able to easily submit kennel notifications, kennel removals, view/edit current nominations, view drawn greyhounds and scratch greyhounds using the OzChase online nomination portal as well. 

Future tutorials will detail how to nominate for specific events, opt-out of specific events, how to preference, how to roll a nomination to multiple events and tracks, as well as how to nominate for multiple locations.

The step-by-step layout has been designed to simplify each nominating process as much as possible.

Please find the tutorial/s below:

Basic Nomination

Online nominations can be made by clicking here.